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Why We Brew

In 1873, when the population of the United States of America was 46 million people, the US was home to more than 4,130 breweries. Men and women bought their beer from the local brewer in the same way they would buy or trade for meat from the local butcher, or bread from the local bakery. The beer was fresh and made with locally sourced ingredients, reflecting the unique characteristics of both the region and the brewer.

- Fast forward 141 years -

With a population of more than 315 million people and counting, less than 3,000 breweries call America home. While the population has doubled three times, the number of breweries has been drastically reduced. We have less local options, and we've redefined freshness to include packaged beer that is months old. While the brewery business is booming, we have a long way to go before we once again reach pre-prohibition era glory.

Our Story
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Scottsdale Beer Company embraces the tradition of the early American brewing industry, prioritizing freshness and craftsmanship, and thriving to be wholly local. Through plate and pint, we honor time-tested techniques and traditions balanced with creativity, invention, and the occasional oddity. Inspired by the work of the masters from past generations, we’re offering up the concoctions of this era's expert craftsmen. We gladly offer you an open invitation to visit your community's brewery, meet the people that make your beer, and eat and drink in contentment.

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The Scottsdale Beer Company Team

Our Craftsmen

The people behind Scottsdale Beer want to be a part of the growing brewery movement happening in communities across the United States. We are embracing the tradition of the early American brewing industry and fueling our passion for beer that is a true reflection of our collective identity and the region we call home.

Head Brewer: Brad Williams

Born and raised right here in Arizona, Brad has been making beer for 20 years. An ASU grad with an education in Political Science and Economics, he’s equal parts artist and mad scientist.

Head Chef: Justin Olsen

Chef Justin hails from the highly acclaimed Binkley family of restaurants, and has been working as Chef Kevin Binkley's right hand man for the last three years. He's incredibly talented, dedicated, and passionate about his craft...a perfect fit for the Scottsdale Beer Company team. Justin has already brought some fresh and exciting changes to the SBC menu, and promises to incorporate even more seasonality and locality into the SBC Culinary Program..

Pour it Forward: Our Promise to the Community

Without all the great people in the valley, we wouldn’t be here today. We are always striving to give back and be involved whenever possible, and continue to work towards our goal of being a force for good in the region.

One of our first Pour it Forward initiatives will begin with the opening of our Brewery. Those who would like to attend our opening event are encouraged to “Give a ticket to get a ticket,” and share in the spirit of generosity.

At Scottsdale Beer Company, we have big dreams and aspirations that we want to share with you. We hope you’ll let us know which causes and community events are important to you as well. If you’d like us to be part of your team, please let us know!

Pour It Forward

The Brewing Process

The Brewery Hardware

We've enlisted the help of the expert metal fabricators at Diversified Metal Engineering, in Prince Edward Island, Canada to design and manufacture our custom 10 bbl brewing system.

With an enlarged mash tun designed to handle a heavy grain bed, the system is geared towards the creation of high gravity beers. Five 10 bbl fermentors and five 10 bbl serving tanks, all from Diversified Metal Engineering, will house our custom-crafted ales and lagers until they're served to you, tank-to-tap fresh. We mill our grain on site, source all of our beer ingredients locally when available, and make every drop of our beer here at the brewpub in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.

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Monday-Thursday 3PM-11PM
Friday & Saturday 11AM-Midnight
Sunday 11AM-9PM

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